Written and illustrated by local BIPOC artist Andromeda Lisle, Spirits of America is a passion project that aims to preserve and educate about American Indigenous animal spirit lore. These stories and knowledge have ever been in danger of becoming lost or inaccessible, scattered like their peoples due to the systematic destruction of both. Making them easy to find and learn about for all ages will help them persevere, and hopefully become as prevalent in American culture as Eurocentric myths and lore.


This 70 page paperback compendium measures 11.5" x 8" and has 23 hand-painted illustrations of animals and spirits, as well as uniquely designed graphics throughout. Each animal profile gives a broad range of information regarding the animal's importance and beliefs of a range of indigenous tribes. After the profiles there is Medicine descriptions for each animal, as well as a hand-drawn map of pre-colonial regional borders of North and South America. A helpful list of indigenous groups to show your support to is also included!




Books are printed by POD company IngramSpark. Printing can take 3-5 business days and shipping takes roughly 5 days. 

Spirits of America