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Mural & Painting Pricing

Wall murals are 35.00$ per square foot with a minimum total square footage of nine. This applies to traditional painting on site and includes materials, travel, and labor. Paint used is high grade mural acrylics, and all paintings are given a protective top coating (This does not protect against heavy graffiti, only weather/general wear and tear. Graffiti-proof coatings are charged separately and tend to be pricy.)

Digital designs for murals that will be printed or otherwise applied without direct traditional painting are available, please contact me directly for pricing as it can vary broadly.


Please feel free to reach me with any questions regarding commissions in general, or about the below pricing!

Examples of traditional wall mural size and price:

30' x 10' = 300 sq ft = $10,500.00

12' x 8' = 96 sq ft = $3,360.00

12' x 6' = 72 sq ft = $2,520.00

8' x 5' = 40 sq ft = $1,400.00

5' x 5' = 25 sq ft = $875.00

3' x 3' = 9 sq ft = $315.00

Wood Panels are a good choice if you want the painting to be portable or located somewhere difficult to paint at location, prices for these are the same as above but with the added cost of the panel.


Examples are listed below:

12"x18" : 20.00$ for panel

12"x36" : 37.00$ for panel 

12"x48" : 47.00$ for panel 

24"x36" : 60.00$ for panel 

36"x48" : 112.00$ for panel 


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