Hello! I'm Andromeda (Annie), and I'm a multi-medium artist living in Cambridge, MA with my cat and two ferrets. I attended Skidmore College and graduated in 2012 with a BS in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture. I am an avid admirer of the natural world, both artistically and scientifically, and have many hobbies ranging from flower pressing to Gundam building. I have been disabled by severe chronic migraines for several years now, but work hard despite this to realize my artistic vision and hope to soon enter the realm of public art.



                                Artist's Statement

My works are comprised of the deeply personal beliefs which have shaped me in the past decade of my life. Two key concepts have come together to drive most of my work: the beliefs, stories and legends that shaped the human race for millennia, and my own eclectic identity as a multi-racial and disabled queer woman exploring her spirituality. At first I thought these two were entirely separate entities, but in the last few years I noticed their connection more and began focusing my work on it. ​


My fascination with the figures and feelings of ancient stories led me to dive into those of my unique ancestry, with Native American, African and Celtic stories and beliefs capturing me the most. The tales and figures of Native Americans are what drive me the strongest, as I could not bear them to be forgotten or ignored in the very lands they originate from. I feel a great affinity for the artistic styles of all of these peoples, and in my work try to combine them into a unique personal style, as they have been combined into me.

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